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Premi Fernandes
Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Premi 


Verginiya Premi Fernandes Israel


Verginiya Premi Fernandes

12th November
A birthday is a time to plan ahead and to
dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer.
May this birthday be just the beginning
of a year filled with happy memories,
wonderful moments and shining dreams.
Each birthday is a new beginning,
full of promise and opportunity and
the chance to make dreams come true
Wish you a Happy Birthday


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Comments on this Article
DOROTHY PEREIRA, UDUPI/ISRAEL Sat, November-12-2011, 4:26
GRACY COELHO, KADRI/ ISRAEL Sat, November-12-2011, 4:31
Here is a birthday of nice, sweet, polite, smiling and kind friend. May the smile on your face last forever, all of your days be full of successes and realization of your dreams. Happy Birthday to You
JAQLINE DSOUZA, KARKALA/ISRAEL Sat, November-12-2011, 4:35
HAPPY BDAY...... Dear friend, for me its only enough that God gave me such a caring friend in my life on this special day, the gift on your birthday is not a physical one but the prayers of heart, wishes of love, long happy healthy life and our forever lasting friendship.;)......
MAXI, KINNIGOLI/ISRAEL Sat, November-12-2011, 4:37
Friends like you are very rare in this world, who takes all troubles of friends to his own self, today is your birthday and there is no specialty in this day but this day is special just due to you. MANY MANY RETURNS OF THE DAY PREMI........