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Preethiya Loka - Kannada movie
Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nandan Prabhu, a real life bus conductor, has directed Preethiya Loka and there is nothing wrong in it. But what is not acceptable is that Nandan Prabhu and producer Madhava Reddy chose to promote the film with cutouts of super Star Rajnikanth who has no connection with the movie.


Preethiya Loka, a mixed bag by the director who seems to have been influenced by actor-director Ravichandran's Aham Premasmi. But the film lacks the finesse and sophistication of Aham Premasmi.

While the music is good and songs are picturised well, the director fails in extracting convincing performances from lead artists. The film looks like a big budget teleserial.

Lack of good visual, weak screenplay and interesting twists and turns may bore audience.

Nandan Prabhu himself features as a villain. In order to do justice to directing and acting, he ends up doing a shabby work as a writer.

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