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Kokkare Bellur is village in Karnataka famous for its rare birds.
Friday, April 27, 2012

Mysore / Kokkare Bellur :  A small village off the main highway between Bangalore and Mysore, is one of the few nesting sites in India of the spotbilled pelican. In addition, it is also home to hundreds of painted storks. The best time to see the pelicans is in December and January.


The place is not a sanctuary, and the storks and pelicans live freely in the trees in the middle of village and are quite used to their human neighbors. Mysore Amateur Naturalists (MAN) have been working with the inhabitants of village to preserve the nesting site of the spotbilled pelicans, which are an endangered species.


The village is located off the Mysore highway, about 75 km from Bangalore, There is a road sign for Kokkare Bellur, but it is easy to miss. The village is 12 km from the main highway.


By Bus

There are buses to Mysore after every minute from Bangalore KSRTC bus stand. You can choose variety of buses ranging from Volvo, AC and normal passenger bus. Get down at Maddur bus stand, usually all buses to Mysore will stop here for breakfast, lunch or just to let you relax. From there board the bus to Kokkare Bellur.


From Bangalore to Maddur ordinary bus charges 45 India Rupee,
From Maddur to Kokkare Bellur bus fare is 10 INR.

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