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Sunny Leone’s condom ad will lead to more rapes: CPI leader
Tuesday, September 08, 2015

 Lucknow: CPI leader Atul Anjan has demanded a ban on a condom advertisement featuring actress Sunney Leone, contending that the "disgusting and dirty" advertisement could lead to increase in rape incidents.

"Whenever you switch on TV sets, you get to see a woman by the name of Sunny Leone, who has acted in porn films and has become heroine in (Bollywood) films...she has acted in porn films which cannot be seen for more than two minutes. Now her advertisement is being shown on TVs," he said during an event in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh.

Sunny Leone Condom Ad

"The disgusting and dirty advertisement of condoms develops sexuality and ends sensibility...if such kind of advertisements continue to be aired on national TV and appear in newspapers, rape cases will increase and there is a need to put a check on them," he said.

When questioned by media over his comments, Anjan said, "Porn star of the world Sunny Leone’s advertisements on condoms and the utterances by her is creating a very bad situation. Advertisements by such people should be banned on public and private channels. This can trigger rise in rape cases."

When told by reporters that his comments could create a controversy, he said he would offer apology to those who felt he made any "wrong" statement and were in agreement with the "dirty and vulgar" advertisement.

"Those who feel I have given a wrong statement against vulgarity and those who support the advertisements and have been hurt by my statement, I apologise to them," Anjan said.

He said that while he opposed such advertisements, he believed in maintaining dignity of women.

"Let them (those who support) propagate such advertisements, let them show (it) in their house and in their family. But I do not stand for such type of advertisements (aired on channels), I oppose. There is nothing which I have said goes against the dignity of the women," the CPI leader said. 

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