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Arunachal bridge collapse: Three bodies found
Sunday, October 30, 2011

Itanagar : Three dead bodies were recovered while 14 people are still missing as rescue workers managed to pull out at least 58 people, of whom 30 were injured after a foot bridge over a river in Arunachal Pradesh collapsed, police said.

"Initially it was feared some 30 people might have been killed in the accident, but the picture is now becoming clearer with just 14 people now missing. Rescue workers are working overtime in the area," police chief of West Kameng district K. Aya told IANS on phone.

The accident happened on the Kameng river Saturday.

"Rescue workers managed to rescue about 58 people of which 30 were injured," Aya said, adding, "They were all trying to catch insects when the bridge suddenly collapsed."

There were more than 70 people on the bridge trying to catch a type of insect called the 'Ghandi puk', eaten by local tribes at Seppa in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh when the bridge gave way, a police spokesperson said. (IANS)


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